Our Rec. Centre

Message from the board

Those of you that have visited our centre in the past two years have noticed major renovations. In the past two years we have revamped the exterior which included new shingles, stucco and painting of the doors. Our hall also saw major changes – air conditioning, new flooring, redesign of the front entrance, kitchen and bar area this all included stainless steel washing stations and countertops. This was all made possible by securing the Recreational Infrastructure Canada Grant, The Village of St-Pierre-Jolys and our fundraising efforts. Our stainless steel work was thanks to Chris Harvey.

In the last year, we have turned our focus to the ceiling and lighting in the hall and lobby, new bathroom fixtures as well as the purchase of new tables. We have recently purchase our new tables thanks to the Village Connection and are well on our way to completing the work in the hall and the lobby thanks to the Knights of Columbus, the Quilting Guild, the Caisse Provencher St-Pierre-Jolys, a Western Diversification grant, donations from our community (buy a tile) as well as numerous BINGOs that were worked by citizens of our community.

 Thank You to all of you!!
 The St-Pierre-Jolys Recreational Centre Board