Physique Plus is a nonprofit organization completely run by volunteers.
Your cooperation ensures a welcoming and enjoyable facility and your input is valued.
As a Co-op member, this gym belongs to YOU!!! 

Dear member,

Our wish is that your experience at Physique Plus will be enjoyable. In order to ensure a healthy and secure environment as well as mutual respect among members, we would like to explain our fitness center’s regulations and procedures.

In respect of the establishment and volunteers who keep this fitness center operation please follow the simple rules.

Respect and code of conduct

Members must speak respectfully to other members and volunteers. Please refrain from speaking loudly to avoid disturbing another member’s workout.

All equipment used must be cleaned and put away after use. This also includes weight plates put onto machines or bars. Throwing or dropping weights or dumbbells onto the floor is disrespectful.

Dress Code

Performing a physical activity at Physique Plus' facility requires appropriate clothing and shoes. Shirts must be worn at all times. NO OUTSIDE SHOES can be worn inside the gym. New/clean shoes prolong the life of our equipment as well as decreases the amount of money spent on maintenance. Termination of membership may be implemented if the dress code is ignored.

Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is above all a question of health but also a determining factor in our relationship with others. It is therefore essential to change and wash clothing regularly after each workout. Some people are very sensitive to odours so please refrain from using perfumed products during your workout. Physique Plus is a FRAGRANCE-FREE facility.

Surveillance cameras, cameras and cell phones

Physique Plus has several surveillance cameras. Viewing of tapes is done by approved members when complaints have been made or to ensure regulations are followed. Cell phones are allowed but in silent or vibrate mode. If a phone call must be answered, we ask that you do it with discretion.

Change rooms/lockers

Male and female bathrooms shower, and change room facilities are available for all members.  Lockers are available in the change rooms or day lockers in the gym area. Signup sheets are posted so please mark your locker number. Use personal locks to ensure the security of your personal items. Upon termination of your membership please clean out your locker.

Verification of lockers is done once a year by board members. Unclaimed lockers are cleaned out at this time, all items are stored for a 3 month period and then discarded.

Please be respectful of others in the change rooms. Use the lockers to store items and DO NOT leave items lying around in the change rooms. Any items left in the change rooms will be put into lost and found then discarded.