Permis et frais de dossier

On this page you will find information on the permit application procedure. There are two main types of permit applications: development permits and building permits. If you wish to obtain preliminary information on a potential development project, you can complete and submit a pre-application form to obtain preliminary information from the village. 

Pre-application process 

Prior to filing a formal land use planning application, an applicant may submit a "pre-application" to request comments on the following: 

  • rezoning 
  • subdivision 
  • a derogation 
  • conditional use 
  • a secondary plan 
  • an amendment to an existing agreement imposed as a condition of approval of a previous development application 
  • an amendment to the development plan or zoning by-law, or 
  • any combination of the above.

Development request procedure 

A Development Application is any Application for Development, Approval, Order, Regulation or Amendment that would permit Development. The layout is defined as follows:

  • the construction of a building on, above or below land; 
  • a change in the use or intensity of use of a building or land; 
  • the removal of soil or vegetation from land; And 
  • the deposit or storage of earth or materials on land and the excavation of land.

A development permit authorizes you to develop land that is subject to a zoning by-law. The application may be processed and approved either through the public hearing process or administratively by the Development Officer, depending on the type of development application, which generally includes the following: 

  • Changes to the development plan 
  • Zoning By-Law Amendments / Rezoning 
  • Conditional use 
  • Derogation / Minor derogation 
  • Land Use Plan Approval / Design Review

For more information on accommodation requests, please see our guide and accommodation request form.

[ Download the development request guide]

[ Download the development request form]

Building permit application procedure 

A building permit gives you legal authority to begin construction on a building project in accordance with approved drawings and specifications. By working with our building inspector, you will benefit from their knowledge of building codes to ensure that your construction project is well built, safe and will last. Safe construction practices help protect you, your family, your friends and your investment. 

When do I need a building permit? 

A building permit is required for the following projects: 

  • Individual and semi-detached dwellings 
  • Multi-family dwellings 
  • Attached garages or carports 
  • Decks (attached to a dwelling or an existing attached deck over 2 feet high) 
  • Additions (enclosed terraces, solariums) 
  • Detached accessory structures with a building area of 108 square feet or more 
  • Structural modifications / renovations 
  • Demolition or relocation of any structure 
  • Signaling 
  • Temporary structures  
  • Swimming pools (jacuzzis, fish ponds) must also be surrounded by a 6-foot fence. 
  • Plumbing (including sump pits, sump pumps and check valves) 
  • Wood stove/fireplace 
  • Basement development (foundation repair, flood protection, structural modification) 
  • Electricity (including air conditioner) 
  • Change of use permit

Building permits are not required for the following works: 

  • Paint, stucco, siding, shingles when the same material is used. 
  • Replacement of doors or windows when the size of the openings is not changed. 
  • Installation of cabinets or shelves. 
  • Non-structural modifications/renovations.

How can I obtain a building permit? 

As part of the building permit application process, you may be asked to provide additional documents, such as:

  • A site plan including a land survey or staking certificate, the location of the proposed building/structure, including the dimensions of the building/structure and the distances between all property lines and the proposed building/structure. 
  • Drawings of the building/structure including one digital copy or two hard copies with dimensions clearly shown (a large set must be available locally), sealed by a professional engineer (mandatory and must be on one set of documents), and a letter of assurance from the engineer (if requested).

You can submit this request in person or by email at the following address:

[Download Building Permit Application ]

Application fees 

The following list includes all application fees related to construction and development. For more information, please contact our development manager at 204-433-7832 or

Development permit
Residential uses
Domestic occupations
Commercial uses
Incidental Commercial Uses

Development requests
Modification of the development plan
Rezoning / Rezoning
Subdivision approval
$100.00 / per lot
Modification of the subdivision request requiring a new resolution
Right of way / road closure for sale
$1500.00 / plus fees
Conditional use (including secondary sequels)
Waiver request
Request for minor derogation
Special Use Permit
Appeal of orders
Encroachment/Easement Agreements
$200.00 / plus fees

Development Compliance Services
Rendering of development concept / site plan  
Analysis of the pre-request / preliminary planning
Zoning Memorandum
Zoning letter
Zoning and Land Use History
Property Registry Search

Building permits
Minimum charges
Residential / Addition
$0.35 per square foot
Basement Renovation / Repair / Finishing
$0.30 per square foot
Renovation / expansion permitted
$75.00 (flat fee) 
Mobile home / RTM
$0.30 per square foot
Closed terrace / Solarium / Gazebo
$0.30 per square foot
open terrace
$0.20 per square foot
Garage (attached or detached)
$0.30 per square foot
Annex building / Other
$0.20 pper square foot
Demolition permit
cement slabs
Foundation only
$0.20 per square foot

Commercial building - hand
$0.40 per square foot
Commercial building - accessory
$0.30 per square foot

Temporary building
Plumbing permit (percentage of building permit cost)
10% minimum of $75.00 

Security deposits (residential and commercial)
Building permit (greater than or equal to 800 square feet)
Land leveling / landscaping (greater than or equal to 800 square feet)
Building permit (less than 800 square feet)
Land grading / landscaping (less than 800 square feet)

Occupancy and inspections
Occupancy permit if building permit issued
n / A 
No building permit is issued
Penalty Fee - Building Occupancy Prior to Grant of Occupancy Permit
Penalty fee - if construction is not completed within 3 years
$20.00 per month
Missed inspections
$50.00 per permit
Penalty - if provisional occupancy deadline is exceeded
$20.00 per day
Additional Inspections
$50.00 per permit
Pre-inspection of mobile homes, existing buildings/structures to be moved into the village
$100.00 / plus mileage
Inspections (mileage set by Council)
$50.00 / plus mileage
Permit non-compliance
$20.00 per month

Special Requirements 
Lot capital contribution tax (residential)
Lot capital contribution tax (non-residential)
Sewer connection fee