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Find all of the Village COVID-19 updates on this page. Keep safe, we will get through this together! 
  • Province of Manitoba official COVID-19 page:


  • Government of Canada official COVID-19 page:

  • Has your building been closed or at a low capacity for quite a while? Please read these important documents from the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association on how to re-open your building safely. Re-opening Buildings. Re-opening Buildings Fact Sheet
  • We are accepting E-Transfers sent to For E-Transfer, please send in a separate email the amount paid and what the payment is for.

  • The Carillon Park structures are now open. Please read the posted signs for instructions. As the Village staff is not capable of regularly sanitizing the structures, we advise that you follow safe and healthy procedures. As posted on the signs, it is "play at your own risk”. The picnic shelter bathrooms, RV park, water fountains and splash pad are to remain closed for the time being. 
  • For small of medium business support, click the following link:



  • To report any non-compliance with the measures, please phone the local RCMP 204-433-7433. Click the following link for further information: