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Active Transportation Plan


Village of St. Pierre Jolys

Active Transportation Plan
 Community Survey


St. Pierre Jolys is initiating an Active Transportation Plan that will identify locations in the community where sidewalks, boardwalks, roads and trails should be added or improved. The purpose is to encourage residents and visitors to travel around the community by walking, cycling or using other non-motorized means of transportation. Using active transportation can improve physical fitness, reduce vehicle emissions, save money and increase social interactions with neighbours. Please tell us your thoughts about how to improve active transportation in the community.

Your Input Is Important

Residents are invited to share their ideas online by filling out a Community Survey.

The survey can be accessed at the following website:

The survey can also be accessed by holding a cellphone camera at the QR Code to the right.

Printed paper copies of the survey are available for individuals without internet access.  To obtain a hard copy please visit:

Office of Public Works            

701 Avenue Jolys East

Bibliothèque Régionale  Jolys Regional Library 

505 Hebert St N 


Businesses/Developers are invited to share their ideas online

This survey can be accessed by clicking here: Business/Developer Survey

Schools are invited to share their ideas online

This survey can be accessed by clicking here: School Survey


Please return completed surveys to the Public Works Office or Public Library by DATE, 2023. The online version of the survey will be available from DATE to DATE 2023.

No personal information will be collected through the survey. There will be additional opportunities to participate throughout the project, including at a public meeting, planned for the winter of 2024.  Further details will be published closer to that date.

For more information about the project or survey please contact:

Tina Bubenzer

Chief Administrative Officer

Village of St. Pierre Jolys


Ruben Enns P.Eng. PMP.

Project Engineer

Neegan Burnside Ltd.