Services Handi Transit

The St-Pierre/De Salaberry Handi-Transit Corporation is responsible for the Handi-Transit services in the Village of St-Pierre-Jolys and the R.M. of De Salaberry. The municipalities contribute funds towards the maintenance and purchase of vehicles, while the province provides a Mobility Disadvantaged Transportation Program Regional Incentive Grant for the operations.
The Handi-Transit is designed to be utilized as a means of transporting the Mobility Disadvantaged, Senior Services, and the General Public to and from appointments.

*COVID-19 Restrictions*
Due to physcial distancing, the seating capacity for the handi-transit large bus is limited to 6 individual passengers (however individuals living in the same house can sit together, increasing the capacity to 12). The driver is required to wear a mask and will sanitize the bus accordingly. It is not required for passengers to wear masks, however it is recommended. We are unable to supply masks, so please plan accordingly.
The capacity options prior to COVID-19 were:
  • 18 seats and 1 wheel chair OR
  • 16 seats plus 2 wheel chairs OR
  • 12 seats plus 3 wheel chairs

The following was approved by the St-Pierre/De Salaberry Handi-Transit Corporation:

For All Other Transportation

  • Flat fee of $150 per trip
  • Services to Seniors (Village and R.M. of De Salaberry)
    • Cost for driver is $14 per hour after 6 hours
    • Kms paid at $.50 per km after 200 kms
  • Others
    • Cost for driver is $14 per hour
    • Kms paid at $.60 per km after 200 kms

Other Information
  • Village office has a list of qualified drivers
  • Driver is paid $14.00 an hour and can claim a meal after 4 hours.
  • Large Van is not to be used as an ambulance.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in the van.
  • Should be reserved at least 48 hours in advance by calling the Village Office at 204-433-7832 or emailing

The Mini-Van is located at the Chalet Malouin in St. Malo.
The capacity is 4 seats with the driver, and can hold up to two wheel chairs.

The following was approved by the Board of the St-Pierre/De Salaberry Handi Transit Corporation
  • Travel rates for minivan from St. Malo:
    • Within town limits - $10.00
    • St-Pierre-Jolys - $12.00
    • Grunthal - $12.00
    • Morris - $27.00
    • Niverville - $32.00
    • Steinbach - $38.00
    • Ste. Anne - $50.00
    • St. Vital Mall - $55.00
    • St. Boniface Hospital - $60.00
    • Health Science Centre - $63.00
    • Winnipeg Airport - $69.00
    • Boundary Trails - $83.00
    • Other trips outside city limits are $0.40 per km (from van location to return to original van location) 

  • Clients are responsible to find their own driver. A valid class 5 license is mandatory.
  • The Mini-Van is not to be used as an ambulance.
  • Alcohol is prohibited in the van.
  • Reservations should be done at least 48 hrs in advance by calling Sherisse at 204-347-5652 or emailing