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The following regulations apply to burning within Village limits:
i) No person shall dispose of waste by the means of open burning within the limits of the Village.
ii) Solid fuel fireplaces, referred to as Outdoor Furnaces and waste oil burners are regulated under By-law 1999-4.
iii) Recreational burning shall be permitted within the limits of the Village under the following conditions:
     a) The fire must be contained in a solid brick or metal burning apparatus having a minimum height of 1 ft. and a maximum diameter of 3 ft.
     b) Recreational fires are permitted only when breezes and winds are less than 20 km/hr.
     c) The burning apparatus used for recreational fires must be located a minimum distance of 25 ft fromany dwelling or accessory building.
     d) Recreational fires must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
     e) Users of recreational fires must have a supply of water available at the site to extinguish any ambers, etc that may escape from the burning apparatus.
     f) Recreational fires must be completely doused/extinguished before leaving the area.
     g) That under no circumstances shall more than 2 cords of wood be stored on the property for use inrecreational fires with the exception of the Museum of St-Pierre-Jolys during special cultural activities.
The firewood shall be piled away from buildings as not to create a fire hazard.
Click here for By-Law 2003-12.